How to use Kodi to watch TV

Kodi Addons is a breathtaking line cutting instrument, and it’s truly easy to observe live TV with it on your most loved Android.


To be clear, this isn’t about sitting in front of the TV channels conveyed over the web (IPTV) however real over-the-air (OTA) channels. With the correct equipment and coordinating modules, adding your OTA TV to the principle Kodi interface is a breeze. Android TV can coordinate Live TV itself, however in the event that you’re an enthusiast of having everything inside the Kodi interface then this one is for you.

For the motivations behind this guide, we’re utilizing a HDHomeRun Connect tuner, however the procedure is the same for other bolstered PVR equipment. You additionally probably set up your equipment first before going into Kodi.

This isn’t the same as simply introducing an extra, either. HDHomeRun, for instance, has an authority Kodi download, yet that works like a committed application. The outsider PVR customer incorporated with Kodi, by difference, coordinates the TV channels specifically into the primary Kodi interface, and there are various focal points to utilizing it.

Step by step instructions to empower live TV on Kodi

  • Tap on additional items in the Kodi sidebar.
  • Float over my additional items in sidebar.
  • Select PVR customers.
  • From the rundown, select the significant PVR customer for your equipment
  • click install

That is all you have to do to empower live TV inside Kodi. It’s a straightforward, consistent setup, and now you simply need to backpedal to the primary screen and tap on the TV menu thing in the sidebar.

The greater part of your channels have been maneuvered into Kodi’s principle interface, and it’s truly damn smooth. When you initially go into your TV area in Kodi, it’ll fly up a rundown of channels on the left of the screen with as of now playing appears. To see more channels you simply scroll.

There’s likewise a perfect TV manage for review everything that is on now and forthcoming over your whole channel list. Also, at whatever point you’re watching something live, flicking out to the full guide or even only the up and coming aide for that channel never disposes of what you’re viewing. It generally blurs out of spotlight.